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What Services do we offer?

At Wolds Canine Massage we offer the following services to optimise your dog's muscular health.

Initial Appointment and Consultation

60 minutes | £40

Please allow for up to 60-90 minutes for initial appointments. These will begin with a consultation, followed by an initial assessment of your dog. This will be followed by a remedial massage session. We will develop a personalised management plan for your dog and discuss supportive exercises and interventions where appropriate.

You will be requested to complete an owner questionnaire prior to your appointment.

Maintenance Massage

45-60 minutes | £35

Following sessions will review any changes and concerns since your dog's last session. This will be followed by an assessment of your dog and a remedial massage.

Pre-Event / Post-Event Massage

45-60 minutes | £35

Suitable for sporting and working dogs, before or after events. Aims to optimise performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Puppy Massage

30 minutes | £25

A slightly shorter than normal session tailored towards puppies. Massage can help to relieve pain associated with fast growth during a puppy's development, promote relaxation and reduce stress. The session can also be beneficial in helping to get your puppy used to touch.

Discounts for block bookings and multi-dog households. Please contact us to enquire.

If your dog is insured many pet insurers will cover the cost of complimentary therapy for your dog if they have been referred for treatment by a veterinary surgeon. Please discuss this with your insurance company prior to your appointment if required.

As part of your dog’s appointment you may also be offered:

Photizo treatment

Photizo Vetcare uses LED therapy as a non-invasive treatment tool to accelerate natural healing and provide drug-free pain management for degenerative conditions - available to add on if appropriate during your dogs treatment

Olivia works according to the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemptions Order 2015. Owners must always consult their Veterinary Surgeon before seeking massage treatment. Healthy dogs do not always require a veterinary referral for maintenance care, however, all dogs must be registered with a veterinary surgeon. Olivia will always refer a dog to their vet should there be any indication of underlying health issues.

Download our Veterinary consent form.